About Me

My name is Kim, and I am a woman in recovery.

As most people, I have spent most of my life on auto-pilot.  Not really knowing why I do the things I do. Subconsciously repeating behaviors and expecting a different outcome.  I found recovery by accident, or rather it found me, when I finally did something different.

Recovery began for me laying on a mat with my eyes closed and tears running down my cheeks.  One word started it all for me.  One word manifested behind my closed eyes as I practiced being still, concentrating on the air that filled and emptied from my lungs.  This word was ‘Worthy’ and in that moment I allowed myself to really feel it.

Since then, I have been and allowed myself to feel many things.  Some days it’s unicorns, some days it’s steaming piles of dog-doo.  But without recovery, I would have never recognized that I am ultimately responsible for my own reactions and feelings about both the good and bad.

It is my hope that I may pass on the wisdom I have gained through my recovery.  That someone may see themselves in my struggles and triumphs.  That they may see that they do not suffer alone.

My name is Kim and this is me, Living Messy.